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KSL Logistics is a leading end-to-end technology enabled logistics solutions service provider company in India..

We are a technology focused Indian company providing logistics solutions to businesses looking for excellence and innovation.

KSL Logistics is a leading logistics service provider company Headquartered in Delhi, India, KSL Logistics was incorporated in 2017. Over the years, KSL Logistics has pioneered itself as one of the most trusted and reliable end-to-end logistics solutions provider across India.We provide solutions to more than 28 State with more than 30+ branch offices across India. Today, KSL Logistics offers logistics solutions and seamless connectivity to customers across diverse industry verticals like Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Steel, Plastic, Automobile & Auto-components, Projects, Consumer Durable, Pharma, Healthcare, Electrical, Electronics, Textiles, Apparel & Lifestyle, etc.We store, move and deliver your products with services customized to meet the demands of your business On Time and In Full!.

Our Vision

KSL Logistics, strives to operate as India's most trusted technology driven and transparent logistics service provider.

Our Mission

To offer reliable, secure, professional and cost competitive services customized to the customer needs thereby building long standing and mutually beneficial relationship.


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Why KSL Logistics?

Faster. Safer.

We are known for our cutting- edge logistics and freight forwarding services in india. With our exceptional logistics solutions,


KSL Logistics is most innovative logistic company that reaches out to provide comprehensive logistics solutions. The young and dynamic management team at KSL Logistics contributes greatly with their new thinking by adapting new technology, applying latest and modern methods in the field to help the needs of customers.

Our Strength

We continue to build on these strengths, as it clearly evident by the in-house upgradations, automation of systems
and technological enhancement that have been carried out over the years, keeping us ahead in the industry.


Branches in India


Highly Professional Team


Solutions for all your Logistics needs

Surface cargo

Surface cargo is basically transferring goods from one place to another via roadways, through trucks.

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Air Freight

Fast moving and constantly changing – we keep pace with our customer requirements. Whether your shipments fly in the bellies of commercial aircraft or need specialist freighter aircraft to move them, KSLL will deliver tailor-made solutions to solve your business challenges.

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Sea Freight

We offer customised solutions for your specific ocean freight requirements. KSLL can offer a flexible range of ocean freight services for both LCL and FCL shipments. These are backed by comprehensive ocean freight management services as well as break-bulk and project forwarding.

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Rail Freight

Rail Freight Services is one of our most reliable products. As rail transportation experts, we have extensive experience in safely delivering consignments from one location to another. To ensure that the goods are delivered safely to the desired locations, our professionals take care of handling the goods without damaging them.

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Value Added Services

we believe in providing a one-stop- shop to our clients. To that end, we provide services beyond warehousing and distribution, such as kitting, labeling, sorting, stuffing and de-stuffing of containers, repacking, and bulk breaking.

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Sophisticated warehouse logistics and an efficient material flow make it possible to minimise throughput times, reduce costs and systematically optimise processes. Each industry has its own specific requirements, and we know them inside out.

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Packages Delivered

Best and efficient practices are delivered across India within every operation and within various industrial sectors.

Pin Codes Covered

We plan and implement industry-leading solutions throughout India, transporting goods to an extensive no’s of pin codes.

Tons of Shipment

Our dedication to consistency helps us to achieve optimum utilization and share the benefits with our customers.

Satisfied Customers

Your trust is the beacon of our dedication to serve you with our transport service.

First Mile Delivery

Our first mile service helps to ease sourcing of your products from the manufacturer/supplier to your warehouse.

Middle Mile Delivery

With a considerable number of vehicles at our disposal, movement of your products from fulfilment centres to distributions centres/stores; and inter branch transfers couldn’t be easier.

Last Mile Delivery

last mile services help you deliver everything from groceries to parcels and packages to your customers at a fraction of the cost.


Today the world is shrinking day by day with advancement of technology in Transportation & Logistics.
Also information technology acts as a major enabler for productivity, growth and competitive advantage.
We see technology as the only sustainable differentiator in logistics.
Our services are better and more efficient because of our proprietary technology.
We at KSL have a clear vision, strong planning and technical insight into the IT'S capabilities to ensure
that we maximize its potential for better supply chain management, transportation and ultimately improve competitiveness.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Last Mile Systems (LMS)

AI Optimized

AI Optimized Last

Mile Logistics

Last mile logistics is the most difficult and expensive part of supply chain management. We have thus partnered with KSL techn and planning software, to provide Supply Chain Solution local service, for hassle-free cost-effective last mile logistics and appointment delivery.

Satellite Tracking

Satellite Tracking enables the central computer tracking center to constantly monitor the position of consignments & vehicles in real time automatically.

RFID Technology

It has become a revolutionary element as information gathered with RFID leads to significant improvements as tracking & handling the products can be done in real-time and with great accuracy.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is one business solution that KSL uses extensively because it drives down cost and delivers increased operational efficiency, productivity, agility and flexibility.

Control Tower Operation

Control Tower operations allow KSL to gain complete visibility into all India asset movement, resulting in greater flexibility and control.


Trained Workforce

Trained Workforce Supervised Professionals are one of the strengths due to which we have attained this position.

Management Reports

Management Reports are one of the strengths due to which we have attained this position.

One Client

One Client – One key account manager are one of the strengths due to which we have attained this position.


Safe & Secure Delivery Services

Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from developers and immersion.

Cost Savings

Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing.

Transport Optimization

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination.

Proven experience

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace.

Technology based logistics

Tech based solutions enabling clients access round the clock.

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Delivering smart logistics solutions across industries

Our hard working team

Our Esteemed Customers


Safety, quality and professionalism in performance

Logistics & Founder

Saul Goodman

I am highly satisfied with the performance of KSL Logistics and I am happy to be a satisfied customer here.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

I am highly satisfied with the performance of KSL Logistics and I am happy to be a satisfied customer here.

Logistics Samadhan

Ceo & Founder

I like KSL Logistics for their service level and commitment and I am a super satisfied customer. All the best team KSL Logistics.


Ceo & Founder

I like KSL Logistics for their service level and commitment and I am a super satisfied customer. All the best team KSL Logistics.


Ceo & Founder

I like KSL Logistics for their service level and commitment and I am a super satisfied customer. All the best team KSL Logistics.

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First Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery

First Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery

We make a difference

For a happier tommorrow.

While outshining in business, Our company strives to be socially accountable and works with a sense of responsibility towards the Community, Environment, City and the whole Nation through our CSR program. We have taken a few measures to give out something good to the developing community and to bring a positive impact on the society.


Major Problems in the Logistics Industry

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chains

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